The Art of Luis Huerta


My name is Luis! I am an Illustrator/Character Designer. Worked as a 2D Background Artist for Dreamworks and Character Designer for CN. For availability and information, contact me at:

Atlas, the earth dragon. Serene and always devote to Mother Earth.

Old Turtle Dragon selling groceries.

Merchant Dragon exploration.

Knights Concept Design, enemies and antagonist of the dragons.

A ramen eating dragon.

Mermaid Lion painting concept.

Ballad of the Purple Dragon. (Spyro Fan-Zine Art)

The Dragon Citadel.

Deep sea trash king.

Elwen, a golden dragon, is an adventurer that flies exploring the dragon realm, helping his dad to collect ingredients for his potions.

The Dragon’s Apprentice. An old wizard dragon finds an unexpected visit on a rainy night.

The Dragon Realm Guild Leaders.

Dragon Realm Guild Leaders Close-Up

Zeyphir, the Wind Dragon (Concept).

Elwen, the Golden Dragon.

Dragon Ganon (Concept Character Design)

Evan, the Dragon’s Apprentice.

Children’s book Illustration for a personal project.

Cover for my second art book : March of Dragons.

The Adventure Continues. Adult Spyro and Sparks recover a treasure from Gnasty Gnorc.

Brom, the beach dragon expression sheet.

Big Cargo.